Energy is everything

The clean, renewable and available everywhere energy is the future of everything



We disrupt energy technology market by offering innovative platform for nano energy systems.

We develop new renewable, clean and affordable generating electricity sources.

We reduce the cost of energy and directly influence the CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) and rescue from fossil energy based energy supply system. 


Energy gеnerators

The generators convert directly the mechanical and chemical energy around us into electric energy by means of nanotechnology solutions, new advanced nanomaterials, novel designs with a help and on AI (Artificial Intelligence).


Innovation-led nano energy technologies 

Drawing energy from the environment, transforming it to electricity and  turning waste energy around us into profit and wealth.

Autonomous devices serving the Internet of Everythings (IoT & IoBody) ecosystem

Self-powered mode of operation platform for sensors and industrial nano- generators.

Research, design and production

We retrofit existing products and design new products on the base proprietary technologies using these energy autonomous devices. 

The huge climate change with the rise of greenhouse gas emissions due to the massive use of fossil-fuels negatively affect the quality of natural environment over the globe and directly on humans. With this, renewable clean energy, such as should be promoted as the alternative source of energy as whole in order to reduce the dependency on fossil-fuels and move towards to energy efficiency and circular economy. Sun, wind, water cost less than generating electricity from coal plants and even natural gas plants in many parts of the world, but are not permanent and these resources are not always where they are most in demand.

The new era also needs billions of autonomous devices serving the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, smart homes, cities and ourselves. State-of-the-art market for renewable clean energy is limited by barriers as: high production cost, market share barriers, policy barriers, social barriers, limited life of stand-alone power supplies and batteries.

Our Company, develops, designs and produces nano- power generators that charge themselves or rely on self-powered mode of operation. With our solutions, we provide reliable energy for billions of potentially autonomous applications in home, medical use industry and defense. 


  • Proven science meets the breakthrough solutions of nanotechnologies.
  • We use proprietary 2D/3D bio-hybrid printing and hybrid nanocomposite coating deposition technologies or new innovative pre programmable nanomaterials, which are the core of our devices. We have developed also a hybrid nanogenerator with huge applications, with an efficiency of more than 75% and low cost. 
  • Our self-powered sensors and devices are with both, personal and industrial applications and can work in any environment, as well as be controlled via the Internet.

New Nano Materials for nano- generators

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) micrographs

SEM Polyamide fibers/nylon in graphene matrix.

SEM Nanostructured Polytetrafluoroethylene/Teflon in graphene matrix

SEM Nanostructured piezoceramic onto flexible polymer substrate

Four energy, electric transforming modes united in one hybrid nanogenerator in action - powering LED system


NANOACTS is an advanced technological startup that aims to revolutionize the energy technologies industry with new nanogenerators platform extracting and transformation energy from any mechanical and chemical subsystem, which can be considered even as waste, in electricity.

The team is interdisciplinary fusion from highly experienced and talented young enthusiastic managers, scientist, physicists, chemists, ICT experts.

It is wonderful to work with a team whose mission is: "Our focus is on the people and the world we live in and which needs a fundamentally new approaches to obtaining and transforming clean, renewable, affordable electricity and building a sustainable future ", said the co-founder and CEO - Valery Serbezov.


At the beginning of 2024, the manager of Nanoacts -
Dr. Valery Serbezov was invited and accepted as an expert for EU - EIC project evaluations.

In 2023, the company Nanoacts launched a project for the industrial synthesis of high-quality graphene from polymer waste and carbon black. The project is in the technologies patenting phase.


What the the world has to say about us:

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